Brief Introduction to East Turkistan Government In-Exile

East Turkistan constitutes the overall area of Turkistan, which means the land where Turkic people live, and is currently located in Western China. 

East Turkistan Government in Exile

Millions of East Turkistan people live all over the world and are looking for independency from China. On September 24, 2004, they recreated an East Turkistan Government in Exile in Washington, DC to represent East Turkistan people and to restore independency. Members of parliament all knew their political institutions, school system, and even cultural life.  Their first president Ahmet Igemberdi democratically elected to fulfill the government in exile mission.  East Turkistan have demonstrated repeatedly for independence from China. 

The government in exile is based on the parliamentary government system and follows the constitution of the republic of Eastern Turkistan, published by our exile government since 2005. We now have 60 members of parliament. Lastly, the exile government has a democratic election every four years according to their constitution.