Vision and Values


We seek the truth; speak truth to power; and seek independency for East Turkistan.


 We support and defend the Constitution of East Turkistan government in exile and the places we live.  We will always comply with the laws of the country where we stay, ensuring that we carry out our mission in a manner that respects privacy, civil liberties, and human rights obligations to restore secular democratic free East Turkistan.


East Turkistan became victims of Chinese communist government. We tell the truth about communism and occupation because our vision is for a world free from the false hope of communism and get our independency from China.  Our mission is to educate this East Turkistan generation and future generations about our ideology, history and legacy of China’s communism until we restore our independency. 

Our Values

  • Our principals keep us on the right path; we maintain the highest ethical standard and treat everyone equally and with respect.
  • Humble Service– We are honored to serve, support and work side by side with our people, our supporters and with each other.
  • Trusted by our people and recognized as a political leader of a government in exile.